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Vicki Alden, Ph.D., LCSW
Vicki Alden, Ph.D., LCSW

St. Charles & Sycamore, IL

I provide psychotherapy/counseling to individuals from 21 years of age and beyond. My specialty is working with anyone experiencing grief and loss and those dealing with life issues that make daily functioning challenging. I am part of the Novo Team on Brain Change Treatment for anyone struggling with psychological dysfunction and the Peak Performance Team for optimal performance in sports, professional and personal life. During my 30-plus years in the mental health and social service field I have had the privilege to work within family and youth service agencies, an inpatient mental health center, and three teaching hospitals.

I believe each person is a unique individual that must be treated with dignity, respect and empathic understanding. Each person's strengths need to be identified and utilized to solve problems and to achieve goals in both therapy and in daily life.

My practice is based on the holistic approach that stresses the need for mind, body, spirit to be in balance and harmony to enable each person to truly find joy in living.

Dr. Alden can be reached at (312) 305-3443 or
Judy Thomas, LCSW
Judy Thomas, LCSW

St. Charles, IL ; Sycamore, IL & Hartland, WI

Judy Thomas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with extensive experience and success at working with adults and adolescents around the issues of depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, anger management, and substance abuse. She has long had an interest in understanding the biological basis of behavior, brain functioning and facilitating brain change to improve functioning. Judy offers traditional talk therapies grounded in the principles of cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness as well as using neurofeedback when it would benefit.

My Interest in Neurofeedback

I first became aware of neurofeedback while researching brain-based treatments for anxiety and depression as an alternative to medication. Many individuals have difficulty taking cognitive-behavioral strategies out into the world and using them effectively. The explanation for this is frequently that these clients have less-than optimal access to their cerebral cortex (or ‘higher brain’), particularly their frontal lobes- an area in the brain responsible for executive functioning and relating to such activities as planning, judgment, emotional regulation, and memory, among others.

My experience as a practioner of meditation has taught me that conditions like anxiety and depression are not permanent, unchangeable states. Rather they are habits of the mind- and neural patterns in the brain- that become deeply entrenched.  Neurofeedback has been described as meditation on steroids, which allows me to bring the long-term benefits of meditation and mindfulness to a shorter-term clinical setting. I believe that neurofeedback can be helpful to a wide range of clients, from higher functioning individuals seeking peak performance to those who were too distressed to utilize the cognitive-behavioral strategies of talk therapy.

Judy can be reached at (773) 673-8745 or         
J.J Wett, LMFT
J.J Wett, LMFT

Sycamore, IL

J.J. received his Master’s Degree in Applied Family and Child Studies with a Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy in May of 2012 from Northern Illinois University. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist licensed by the State of Illinois. Along with his licensure, he’s also a Clinically Certified Trauma Professional (CCTP). A CCTP understands the effects of trauma on the brain and knows proficient methods to treat the trauma. As a fully-trained Pragmatic Experiential Therapist for Couples (PET-C), he can provide scientifically proven methods to help couples achieve the type of relationship they desire. PET-C offers methods that not only provide practical advice but also allows couples to connect with each other on a level they have never experienced.
J.J. was born with spinal muscular atrophy which was supposed to kill him by the age of two. However, he is 30+ years old and ready to bring his life and professional experience to you! He has overcome many obstacles in his life including receiving his Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northern Illinois University. While studying at Northern Illinois, he trained under several leading relationship therapists and now he is able to bring this knowledge into your life. J.J. also has 10+ years experience working with people in a social service setting. He has made it a priority to ensure people with disabilities receive the services needed to live a fulfilling life. In fact, he researched family dynamics relating to a child having a disability for his Master's thesis.
J.J. provides individual, couples, and family therapy to everyone no matter the age. He specializes in helping people with disabilities and their family members overcome obstacles in their life.  

JJ can be reached at 815-690-0645 or
Jessica Rojas MA, MS, LCPC
Jessica Rojas MA, MS, LCPC

Sycamore, IL
Bilingual Child Psychotherapist

Trouble getting along with others? Are you constantly finding yourself irritable, down in the dumps or struggling with panic attacks? Do you feel as if no one gets you or understands what you are going through? I can help. Call and schedule an appointment for an assessment and corresponding therapy. I am an experienced, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. As a graduate from Benedictine U., I have extensive knowledge in mood disorders and relationship problems. I implement evidenced-based practice and client-centered therapy to work with you and your loved ones to explore the root cause.

My goal is for you to develop healthy relationship skills to "mend the bond" with your significant other, best friend, partner, parent or child. I use a variety of treatment modalities including dialectical-behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, and play therapy to nurture positive attachment and develop lasting interpersonal skills.

I incorporate a holistic approach to not only address emotional concerns but also to develop lifelong habits for a healthy mind and body. I address ambivalence to change and resistance towards treatment. You are here, searching for help so take action today. Call or email to begin the healing process.

Jessica can be reached at 815-745-4215 or
Donna M. Rocha, M.A., CPC
Donna M. Rocha, M.A., CPC

St. Charles & Sycamore, IL

Donna M. Rocha is a Personal Coach trained to empower people and assist them in maximizing their skills and abilities. Ms. Rocha has a Masters degree in Counseling and Philosophy from the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University, Chicago. She has been active in the education and counseling fields for over 20 years. Ms. Rocha also has her certification as a Professional Coach from Coach Training Alliance.

You might ask what is Professional Coaching?

It is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside vantage point.

What Makes Coaching Unique?

Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking action. In this powerful alliance clients find themselves taking more effective and focused actions while creating momentum and consistency in their lives. Clients become more balanced and fulfilled as they affirm their skills and capabilities. Effective coaching motivates you to discover the clarity and balance that is within you.

Imagine creating the life you want to live.

Imagine clarifying your life values and passions.

Coaching will empower and energize you toward transformation and growth.

Donna can be reached at (630) 341-5335 or
Katy DeHaven, LCSW
Katy DeHaven, LCSW

St. Charles and Sycamore

Making the choice to seek counseling is a complicated and daunting decision, but it is worth it. Throughout therapy with me, I will aid you in finding a peaceful balance within your life once again or for the first time.  Sessions with me take place in a non-judgmental & empathic environment. 

I specialize in adolescents & young adults who sometimes feel lost or unheard. I see adult clients as well. My therapy style typically focuses on what’s not working well in your life, discussing your past and present coping skills, and figuring out ways to make life work better and feel better for you. I specialize in helping clients overcome challenges such as anxiety, depression, emotional pain, and relationship issues. I also focus on building confidence, overcoming insecurities, and stopping negative self-talk.  

Educationally, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences from Eastern Illinois University. I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Aurora University. I have a background in forensics, sexual abuse victims, sexual abuse perpetrators, foster care, group therapy, and mental health hospital facilities.

Call Katy at 630)418-1287 or email her at

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