Coach’s Korner Neuroscience and Coaching by Donna Rocha, M.A., CPC


Neuroscience and Coaching

By Donna Rocha, M.A., CPC

Coaching is inherently a practice that facilitates the development of awareness. In today’s increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, the need for awareness becomes increasingly urgent and important.

Awareness, as Eckhart Tolle expressed: is the greatest agent of change. I prefer to reframe it as follows: “Awareness is the greatest agent of choice.”

It is through insight awareness, culled through every coaching session, that information is retrieved, often from deep in the subconscious, and clarified.

The person coached gains insight into their relationship to themselves, their situation and others and can thereby make a deeply informed choice. This choice making process is the result of a reflective process called the mindfulness cycle. This cycle keeps the person aware of the potential value, benefits and challenges for them.

So how does neuroscience fit into this whole coaching scheme?

Everything we do and sense happens through the brain and other neurological points that the brain controls. Through philosophy and science, we know the existence of mind. Your brain and mind are not the same. Your mind is the invisible transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude,belief, imagination and dreams. The brain is the physical organ most associated with mind and consciousness, however mind is not confined to the brain.

The subconscious is a part of the mind many of us are unaware of. As Thoreau said: many are asleep and unaware of what is deep within them. We can be oblivious of our intelligence, self-knowledge and unlimited talent and potential. As the Buddha puts it: “We are what we think.”  Our thoughts create our reality.  

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