Coach’s Korner March 2021


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Spring Cleaning-Decluttering Your Life


 March, spring is on its way. What a happy time. The sun shines more, the temps are warmer, things seem fresher. New life is springing up everywhere! Wait, that’s outside!

Let’s take a look inside. Oh Boy, things have really piled up. Is that a Christmas ornament I see? We all love to surround ourselves with things we love and that make us happy.  We do tend to collect new things, and rarely get rid of some of the old things that have lost their fascination for us. Before we know, our living space begins to be too cluttered and can become overwhelming.

Decluttering can be traumatic. It means sitting down and looking at things that have meant a lot to us, or to loved ones that are no longer with us. To avoid this pit, start with something easy. The Pantry! What could be more liberating than throwing out old cans or boxes of out dated food. Trash old bills, receipts, school papers, junk mail etc. Now tackle those closets and shelves, recycle old magazines. This might take a couple of days. It all depends on how much you have. Pace yourself.

Once you start getting rid of unnecessary material things your life will begin to feel more balanced and organized. You will be able to let go of more negative thoughts, more satisfied with what you have, be at peace with yourself and your life. You’ll be ready to dispose of the things that tug at your heart. All because you did some Spring cleaning in your home and in your soul.

Have fun decluttering!


For Journaling: What is keeping me from disposing of material things I no longer need in my life? What steps can I take to accomplish this task?

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