February 2021 Coach’s Korner


Koaches Korner



Aww February a month of hearts and the color red. Hearts and the color red are passionate. This month can remind us of the things we are passionate about and grateful for. During this “cabin fever” month I thought this quote and reflection would be appropriate.


Life must be understood backwards. But it must be lived forward. 

---- Soren Kierkegaard


Backwards, what exactly does that mean? I have reflected on this for some time. Can we really know where we want to go if we don’t see and understand where we have been and what we have accomplished? Our dreams and plans are rooted in the past, the mistakes we’ve made, the experiences we’ve had and the things we have succeeded in. Understanding our past is the way we find our truth. Our truth will give us the courage to trust our dreams and move forward without fear, or at least a little less fear.

So, go ahead live forward!


For journaling:

How am I shaping my future by being true to myself in the present?

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