Grains Part One!

By Dr. Vicki Alden, LCSW, Ph.D

As I mentioned at the end of last months newsletter, let’s continue the discussion about grains. So, here goes. I stopped eating grains - all kinds - at the same time I stopped eating sugar. Sugar has become a poison of sorts for humans, but grains?! They don’t qualify as such and are still very present in the food pyramid. However, there are lots of reasons to stop eating grains, ALL grains. Let’s look at some reasons to go grain free.

Not eating grain can actually increase your daily nutrition. Though grains are nutritious, they have a limited variety of nutrients. Eating a wide variety of non-grain plant-based foods increases your daily intake of lots and lots o nutrients not provided in grains. (And, of course we are talking about whole grains here. Processes grains of white flour fame lack almost all traces of nutrients.) Further, grains are often included in processed foods that add lots of ingredients lacking clear, clean nutrients as well as adding an abundance of non-nutritional fillers and preservatives. 

Going grain free can have many health benefits one of which is it can improve your brain function. We will go into that in next months newsletter so stay tuned.... 

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