Introducing Coach’s Korner by Donna Rocha, M.A., CPC


Donna M. Rocha, M.A., CPC

Mindset Coach

For Unsure Times

Don’t beat yourself up during this pandemic! So what if you spend time on your couch enjoying a movie and eating bon bons or celery sticks, carrots and hummus! So what if you didn’t write that best selling mystery novel or discover a cure for Covid-19. 

This is also an opportunity when you might actually have time to care for you. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings at this time. How am I being transformed? How am I reclaiming what was lost and letting go of what makes my spirit heavy? Be thankful for this time by imprinting new life, energy and love into your soul. 

For Journaling:

How am I re-creating myself in a gentle way?

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