Novo July 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to another issue of the Novo Newsletter! For this month we are going to look at exercise and how it can help your brain function.


By Dr. Vicki Alden Ph.D, LCSW


We provided an introduction to basic DIET necessities for optimal health in previous entries. Now lets move on to the second necessity, EXERCISE. Yes, that’s correct. You must incorporate exercise into your daily experience to create and maintain optimal health and fitness for the rest of your life.


One of the first requirements is that you choose exercise that you like and will actually do. If you choose some kind of exercise that you’ve been told is the best for health and fitness - but you really don’t like doing it, you’ll struggle to do it on a daily basis, you’ll find all kinds of excuses to miss a day or a week or just quit doing it all together.







So your first task is to decide you are actually going to incorporate daily exercise into your schedule. Daily exercise does not mean you must find an hour or more each day and work your buns off every day. An average of thirty minutes a day can bring about significant change in health and fitness status. Incorporating two half hour routines a day can increase the benefits even more. This could include yoga, martial arts, low impact exercise routines, weight training, walking, running or whatever you enjoy doing. (My favorites are Essentrics Strength and Stretch workouts and walking). It’s best to vary your workouts and not do the same one everyday. Walking or running are great as a daily routines. You should be challenged by your daily exercise. You could likely have some sore muscles after your daily routine but if you feel pain during your routine stop and take a short break before you resume. Feeling pain can cause injury and shouldn’t be ignored. You should also make sure that whatever you want to do is safe for you to do!


Okay, so there’s a little more information on a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Stay tuned for next months installment.



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