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Getting Enough Sleep Part 2

Volume 1 Issue 5                                                                                                      September 14, 2020

 “Sleep is an occurrence so common, so habitual, so ubiquitous, we barely notice. Like the air we breathe, it is something we become aware of only when its quality is deteriorating”. 

~ Kat Duff ~

By Dr. Vicki Alden 

At the end of the last post, I suggested a very simple technique for getting enough quality sleep. It’s simple, go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. I am sure some of you thought something like, ‘Well, I wont fall asleep for hours. So I will get up with less instead of more sleep’. This might likely be true for the first few days, or maybe a week. But your body and brain will adjust and before you know it you will fall asleep in 15-20 minutes after going to bed and wake up at your designated time. I do suggest setting your alarm clock at the beginning and getting up when it rings or chimes or whatever it does. Allow you brain and body to conform to your new routine. It will. 

We humans really do know there is a direct connection between good sleep and healthy functioning but we work at ignoring this need. In our first post we talked about the historic views of sleep in the United States..... we have never really believed in it as a culture norm. 

So what gets in the way now. How about our jobs? With all our technology we are generally on call 24/7. We further live under the delusion that sleeping less is the price we pay for success. We live under the fear that we miss out if we sleep. All too many of us have definitely internalized the philosophy, ‘you snooze you lose’! But we pay a big price for ignoring our need for enough good sleep. Just for starters, the lack of enough sleep prevents our circadian clocks from allowing appropriate regulation of cellular processes that can, and do, lead to irreversible brain cell loss. None of us wants to cause ourselves brain cell loss because of lack of good sleep, do we? 

Today’s getting enough good sleep tip: develop a going to bed ritual/environment. Turn off all screens at least one hour before your scheduled bedtime. That’s right; the TV, computer, smart phone or anything else that has a screen. Take this hour before bedtime to relax and clear your mind of the concerns of the past, present, and future. Maybe have a cup of relaxing tea or something else calming. Make sure that your sleeping room is just that. Don’t mix your bedroom with a TV room or office, for example. Decorate your bedroom in a style that you find comfortable and inviting. You may enjoy listening to music or comforting apps that help you relax and drift off to sleep, but be sure your room is otherwise dark and quiet. 

Our discussion of the three must haves to encourage life long health will continue in the monthly newsletter in October. Take really good care of you. Be safe. And make everyday an awesome day. 2 

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