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School Safety

Well July has come and gone! Summer will soon be over and school will be starting. This year starting school or college is going to be a real challenge for students and parents.


Deciding how you want your child learning and staying safe and healthy is no easy task. Most school districts have been keeping parents informed and involved with the different choices available to you and your child. Will it be remote learning only or the hybrid plan which combines in person and remote teaching? What ever you choose, keep in mind that Covid 19 has changed the way we look at familiar situations in our lives. It is important to be adaptable as pandemic conditions will continue to change.


Prepare your child for his/her new experience at school. First make sure they are healthy. Take their temperature. Remind them they will be safe and healthy if they wear their mask and wash their hands. Essentials for their backpacks should include extra masks, their own school supplies, hand sanitizer and Kleenex. Have a system of disinfecting the kids when they get home. They should immediately wash their hands. It might be a good idea to have them remove clothes and shoes and put them in a place where they can be sanitized.

Above all stay positive, have a good mindset about the new school year. Children will pick up on your attitude and your fears. Hope these little tips were helpful to you and your family.


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