Treading Water by Donna Rocha, M.A., CPC


Treading Water

By Donna Rocha, M.A., CPC

So how are we all doing? It has been a time of great tribulation since the death of George Floyd, civil unrest, and the resurgence of COVID- 19 in many states. We are left confused, scared and angry. Do we try to remain neutral in all this or do we try to do what is in our heart and conscience? How we perceive all that is happening in our world may play havoc on our spiritual and mental health. If it is, it is important to stay in the mode of Awareness. Awareness allows us to stay in that space that permits us to see all sides of an issue with a restful calmness.

I would like to share these simple journal starters that helped me focus and keep my mind-set positive. I hope they are helpful to you also.

 What went well for me today?
 What can I improve tomorrow?
 What’s the first thing I want to do tomorrow morning?
 What was my favorite part of today?

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