Parent and Young Adult Coaching

Parent Coaching:

Supportive coaching for parents with college bound children provides you with the means to:

  • Anticipate and cope with transition issues you and your child may have.
  • Explore feelings of “letting your child go”
  • Encourage your child to make safe choices

Young Adult Coaching:

Individual or Group designed to help:

  • Enhance communication skills with friends and parents
  • Explore and clarify life purpose and values
  • Overcome self-limiting attitudes and behaviors
  • Become better connected with self
  • Clarify college and career choices
  • Learn to become more organized
  • Bridge the gap between community college and four year college or university

Transitional Coaching

Divorce, Relationships, Career Changes, Mid-life.

Supportive and resourceful individual and group coaching designed to move you toward creating the fulfilling dynamic life you want.

Coaching Will Empower You To:

  • Develop self acceptance and awareness
  • Discover new options and perspectives
  • Face your fears and overcome barriers
  • Discover the clarity and balance that is within you
  • Cope with own frustration, anger and grief
  • View transition as an opportunity for transformation and growth