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Empowering You

Date:   December 26, 2015

Time:   10:00 AM

Location:   Saint Charles Office

The Empowering You Group is a 12 week group therapy curriculum designed to help clients increase their self empowerment and self esteem in order to assist in their recoveries and meet their goals for the future. The overall goal of the group therapy experience is to build a strong foundation for one's sense of self and thereby increase self efficacy. Some topics covered are: Defining Yourself, Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts, Dealing with Set Backs.

Please RSVP to Alex at  630-494-0221 or

LGBTQ Fox Valley Youth & Young Adult Support Groups

Date:   December 29, 2015

Time:   Ages 13-19, 4-6:30pm Ages 20-28, 7-9:30pm

Location:   Novo Saint Charles Office

Get connected, meet friends, discuss issues with licensed therapists.
Allies Welcome!
Call , Text or email to reserve your spot! 
Jason at  (312) 898-2826 or

Money Matters - Marriage and Divorce Considerations

Date:   January 18, 2016

Time:   6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Location:   Sycamore office

Fee:   $30

Money Matters - Marriage and Divorce Considerations

Presenter - Mike Fulkerson, AWMA

Whether we admit or not, money is at the forefront of all relationships. Strong marriages often have key financial foundations in place. Without this foundation the relationship may feel one sided to a spouse. Join us as we explore Marriages and Divorce from a financial perspective . The session will be broken into three areas:

Successful Financial Relationships - what are the keys to a solid financial foundation in a realtionship

Impact of Considering Divorce - what areas do you need to review when looking at getting a divorce

Finances After the Divorce - what needs to be done financially once the divorce takes place

About the Presenter:

Mike Fulkerson is an Independent Financial Advisor for individuals and small businesses. He is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor designee with over 13 years of experience. Mike's unique approach centers largely on client education and interaction. This approach allows clients to be part of the team rather than bystanders. Outside of the office Mike can be found coaching youth football for his older son and working on HO scale hobby trains with his younger son.

Advanced Neurodiagnostic Perspectives on Attachment and Translational Neuroscience

Date:   March 21, 2016

Time:   6:00-9:00 pm

Location:   156 West State Street, Sycamore, IL 60178

Fee:   $30

Part One: A neurosemiotic perspective on alexithymia, attachment and translational neuroscience
- Attachment
- Neurosemiotic
- Translational
- Sign Transformation
- Signal Casecades
- Synaptic Plasticity
- Endocannabinoid Neurocircuitry
- Combinatorial Therapeutics
- Advanced Neurodiagnostics, Therapeutics and Clinical Neuroscience

Part Two: Personalized Medicine: an update from the frontiers of science and neurodevelopmental interpersonal psychotherapeutics
This presentation is concerned with a brief summary of how technological, procedural and conceptual advances provide the basics for a more sensitive and refined approach for understanding the functionalityof autobiographical memory neueourcuitry within the empathic holding environment where adaptation, coping and communicational behavior skills are presented to facilitate the creative development of a self narrative.

 Part Three: A Psychiatric Neuroscience perspective on Bio Energetic Diagnostics and Therapeutics. 
How is it helpful:
- Multimodality Neuroimaging
- QEEG/Neurotherapeutics
- Neuropsychopharmacotherapy
- Nutrition/Neutraceutical
- Traditional Eastern medicine
- Oriental
- Indian
- Educational Counseling
- Psychotherapeutic individual/family Systems
- Social Phenomenology
- Semiotics, Spirituality, Intimacy and Faith

Join us for this fascinating workshop.
Date: Monday, March 21, 2016
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Location: NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life, PC, 156 West State Street, Sycamore, IL 60178
Price:  $30 – Reservations requested. Walk-ins welcome.
 For reservations please call 630-297-3617 or email

Life Journey Circles

Date:   April 13, 2016

Time:   6:30 PM

Location:   Saint Charles Office

Creating and Living the Life you Want An introspective journey to help you discover and clarify your passions, values and wisdom. Come join us for this Circle Group focused on clarifying your life values, and working to integrate them into your daily life. This group is for individuals who want to take the next step toward becoming more healthy, whole and balanced.

Six Weekly Sessions For information or registration: call 630-341-5335 or e-mail

Introduction to Neuroscience for Therapy:

Date:   April 18, 2016

Time:   6:00 to 9:00

Location:   104 S. 2nd AVe, St. Charles, IL

Fee:   $30

Increasing understanding of brain function for designing effective interventions and treatment planning
This three hour workshop is intended to provide a basic understanding of brain form and function and how it relates to the behavioral and emotional issues of typical clients.  This understanding will allow you to craft more effective interventions for lasting change. It will also allow you to more quickly identify clients that need referrals for neurological testing or pharmacological assistance.
1: Neuroplasticity : What is it and why is it important. 
2: Major Brain Areas and Functions 
3: Factors that can affect neurofunction 
4: Designing interventions and treatment plans that use neuroplasticity
 The brain is constantly changing throughout our life. It is uncontrolled and maladaptive change that results in so much of the emotional misery that brings clients into therapy.  Therapy works by utilizing the brain's neuroplastic abilities but a lack of understanding of the underlying functional processes can leave therapists feeling like they are playing a giant game of blind man's bluff or marco polo.
Understanding how brain function controls behavior, emotional responses and sets limits on ability will make you a more effective therapist. Understanding how to utilize changes in multiple life areas to facilitate brain change will improve outcomes and can shorten treatment lengths.
Join us for this fascinating workshop.

 For reservations please call 630-297-3617 or email