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NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life is committed to continuing education for professionals. In an effort to offer opportunities for area professionals to acquire knowledge for professional development and licensure CEU requirements, NOVO has the following schedule of courses available. All presentations include a 3 hr CEU certificate.

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CEU Courses

Ethics - Perspectives in Social Work Practice $30

Ethical and legal boundaries are very difficult for clients and even therapists to understand or implement because there is a lot of gray. There are no black and white answers or perfect ways of doing anything in therapy. But there are common sense ways to protect everyone involved. This workshop examines the situational ethics all practitioners must deal with in everyday practice both at work and with peers. We will review the decision-making process when faced with ethically challenging situations. An opportunity to discuss participants’ experiences will be available as well as case examples.


  • Participants will be able to understand the issues of ethical boundaries with clients in regards to HIPAA, client confidentiality, and therapist confidentiality.
  • Participants will be able to understand the new boundaries and ethics of social and electronic media.
  • Participants will have to the tools to make decisions regarding client boundaries at social events and how to handle client requests for their presence or professional services outside the therapeutic relationship.
Money Matters - Marriage and Divorce Considerations $30

Whether we admit or not, money is at the forefront of all relationships. Strong marriages often have key financial foundations in place. Without this foundation the relationship may feel one sided to a spouse. Join us as we explore Marriages and Divorce from a financial perspective.

The session will be broken into three areas:

  • Successful Financial Relationships - what are the keys to a solid financial foundation in a realtionship
  • Impact of Considering Divorce - what areas do you need to review when looking at getting a divorce
  • Finances After the Divorce - what needs to be done financially once the divorce takes place
Psychopharmacology $30

Part One: A neurosemiotic perspective on alexithymia, attachment and translational neuroscience

Part Two: Personalized Medicine: an update from the frontiers of science and neurodevelopmental interpersonal psychotherapeutics

Part Three: A Psychiatric Neuroscience perspective on Bio Energetic Diagnostics and Therapeutics.

Join us for this fascinating workshop. For reservations please call 630-297-3617 or email mail@novocounsel.com.

Introduction to Neuroscience for Therapy $30

This three hour workshop is intended to provide a basic understanding of brain form and function and how it relates to the behavioral and emotional issues of typical clients. This understanding will allow you to craft more effective interventions for lasting change. It will also allow you to more quickly identify clients that need referrals for neurological testing or pharmacological assistance.

  • Neuroplasticity: What is it and why is it important.
  • Major Brain Areas and Functions
  • Factors that can affect neurofunction
  • Designing interventions and treatment plans that use neuroplasticity

The brain is constantly changing throughout our life. It is uncontrolled and maladaptive change that results in so much of the emotional misery that brings clients into therapy. Therapy works by utilizing the brain's neuroplastic abilities but a lack of understanding of the underlying functional processes can leave therapists feeling like they are playing a giant game of blind man's bluff or marco polo. Understanding how brain function controls behavior, emotional responses and sets limits on ability will make you a more effective therapist. Understanding how to utilize changes in multiple life areas to facilitate brain change will improve outcomes and can shorten treatment lengths.

Join us for this fascinating workshop. For reservations please call 630-297-3617 or email mail@novocounsel.com

Disability in the Family $30

This three hour workshop will focus on disability and how it effects relationships within a family system. The knowledge you gain will give you a better understanding of how to better support families and couples where a disability is involved. The following are the major points will be highlighted:

  • Assumptions of Disability (Assume = Ass out of You and Me)
  • Commonalities Among the Disability Community
  • Difficulties of Parents Raising a Child with a Disability
  • “The Lost Child,” Siblings of a Person with a Disability
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Resources for Helping Professionals
Ethics and Illinois Providers $30


  • To review best practices and ethics that social workers should abide by.
  • To discuss mental health trends and current family functioning that can impact treatment (including technology)
  • To review common risks and dilemmas social workers face.
  • To discuss Erin’s Law and how it is currently being implemented in school systems.

The purpose of this course will be to provide a review and discussion around the best practice of social work ethics. Being knowledgeable with current laws to ensure that professionals are working to meet clients’ needs while upholding best standards of practice. Discussions will include the impact of technology on clients and guidelines that professionals should be following. Erin’s Law will be discussed as well to ensure that mental health professionals are aware of the education that is occurring in our schools and the state of Illinois.

Cultural and Ethical principal from Islamic perspective For mental health professionals $30

This training will provide information about Islam, the cultural difference between Muslims from different countries, ethical and emotional issues based on cultural practices, and early forms of Muslim culture. Due to the rapid and widespread expansion of Islam there is variation in beliefs due to cultural influences but the basic teaching of Islam doesn’t change. It will help you know what to look out for when dealing with Muslim patients.

  • Understanding of Islam/Muslim
  • Cultural aspect of Muslims from around the world
  • Languages and their importance
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Islamic art free of human and animal figure
  • Marriage and family values

"For years I sought the help of different therapists to gain control of my emotional distress. I tried various medications. Only Novo's combination of brain training and therapy gave me the sensation that I was firmly in the driver's seat of my own recovery. That I was in control of my mind and not the other way around. I recommend them to anyone suffering emotional distress. With Novo's help I've learned to have faith once more in that beautiful ideal: we have the power to change ourselves into that person we always wanted to be."


I tried a number of counselors over many years but nothing seemed to help. A friend suggested I call Novo. My sessions helped me work through lots of issues.I feel I am much more in control of me and my feelings now. As Dr. Alden reminded me often, “Life is Good!”


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