Roots Family Project

The goal of this project is to plant seeds and build strong roots for family success and growth.

At NOVO we understand and acknowledge the difficult problems and transitions that families go through. Coping with and maybe even welcoming family change and challenge can be difficult. The special family relationship must be cared for and given support so roots grow deep and strong to weather challenges and change. We at NOVO are here to help. We continue to evolve in our efforts to assist your family in developing unique roots to face each day's family challenges. The following programs coordinated and facilitated by Roots Project family specialists have been created to assist your family on its journey.

Roots are:
  • The beginning of positive family growth
  • The foundation of your daily family journey
  • The nourishment to meet each family member's needs
  • Your family needs to take time every day to strengthen and renew roots.
  • You are all worth it!

For Parents
  • Renew Parenting Program
  • Parenting a Special Needs Child – Mother's Roundtable Support Group
  • Co-Parenting after Divorce
  • Individual & Couple Counseling/Psychotherapy
  • Parent Coaching
For Teens & Pre-Teens
  • Embracing Change: Healthy Self = Healthy Choices
  • Changing Directions: An Alternative to Suspension Program
  • Exploring Who We Are Through Creativity
  • Counseling/Psychotherapy
  • Success Coaching
For Children
  • Individual & Family Counseling/Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Special Issue Education Support Groups
For the Family
  • Family Counseling/Psychotherapy
  • Special Needs Family Workshops & Consultation
  • Family Coaching

"Novo has done a wonderful job with my grandson. After working with him, he is better able to express his emotions and I am able to understand his needs better."


"My therapist at Novo was very easy to work with. She kept us on task and focused on the future. She understood our individual needs as well as the needs of our family and got the job done!"


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