Workshops and Groups

NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life, PC strives to provide our community with workshops that promote personal growth and development and life skills that enrich and educate. Workshops are interactive and educational. They are generally small group experiences that include 8-12 participants and 1-2 professional facilitators. Workshops teach life skills that help participants grow as individuals and cope better with both their internal and external worlds. NOVO workshops are specifically developed for adolescents and for adults of all ages. Topics can be inspiring like vision boarding your future or finding your passions. They can help solve life problems like anger management or parenting skills. They all help you learn more about yourself and your world with just the right mix of knowledge building and fun.

NOVO: Renewing Joy in Life believes that an excellent education not only opens the doors of opportunity, it can also be the path to a joyful life. For that reason, NOVO is proud to expand its services to include ACT prep workshops and private tutoring.

NOVO offers free in school workshops to high schools throughout the Fox Valley and surrounding areas. Contact NOVO for dates and schools. We also provide expanded workshops for each section of the ACT at both of our Illinois locations. Private tutoring is availible by appointment.

Personal Growth & Development Series

Mid-Life & Beyond: A Personal Growth Workshop for Women

This workshop looks at where you are in life from the perspective of your experiences. You become who you are and learn how to process life from childhood all the way through adulthood. This workshop provides time for reflection of the past and moves on to who you are now and what you want for the future. There's lots of inspiring learning through positive and empowering interaction.

Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with difficult people is a part of life. When you are with one person or more you may end up dealing with a difficult situation. Most of us want to be nice and friendly but when it comes to difficult people it can be challenging. This workshop shows you techniques and skills to incorporate into your daily living that help you work in positive directions with difficult people.

Relationship Series


Parenting your children is the most rewarding yet the most difficult task you undertake in life. Maybe, like most parents, you feel unequipped and overwhelmed at times. From the terrible twos to the tumultuous teens parenting can be tough! The following workshops dedicated to parenting will give you necessary knowledge and the tools to help your children grow into happy, healthy adults.

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Family relationships do not disappear when a marriage ends in divorce. As a parent you have to continue to communicate with your former spouse in matters of child rearing. In fact, your child's ability to adjust to life post-divorce depends on the parents' ability to provide ongoing love and security as agreed upon. This workshop gives you what you need to begin co-parenting successfully.

Changes: A Workshop for Children about Divorce

It is not uncommon for divorcing/divorced parents to believe they can provide all the information their children need about the revised family structure. In reality most children need more opportunity to ask questions and to get answers. This workshop provides an emotionally safe environment in which children may have their questions answered without worrying about their parents' reactions. There are three age appropriate workshops for children from age 5 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 to 18.

Divorce Options, Choices & Considerations

What are the financial and emotional challenges in the decision to leave a marriage? How will your decisions impact your present well-being and future? What financial knowledge, information and resources do you need for this major change in your life? In this workshop, you will learn what divorce issues you need to consider and address for the best solutions in your particular situation. These workshops will be facilitated in a supportive, resourceful and safe environment.

Coping & Healing Series

Empowering You Group

The Empowering You Group is a 12 week group therapy curriculum designed to help clients increase their self empowerment and self esteem in order to assist in their recoveries and meet their goals for the future. The overall goal of the group therapy experience is to build a strong foundation for one's sense of self and thereby increase self efficacy.

MISA Group

The MISA Group is a group therapy curriculum designed to assist clients in their recovery from addiction and mental illness. It is an interactive group that provides education, support, and skill building to promote sobriety and stability in the client's life. Some topics covered are: Stress, Rewarding Yourself, Making Adjustments, Cycle of Addiction, Anger and Recovery.


Stress is a part of life. You are never without it as long as you live. Stress can cause you difficulty in coping with life or it can provide positive motivation to succeed. This workshop helps you recognize stress and the four areas of the self that are impacted by stress. It teaches you successful strategies for responding to and not reacting to stress.

Mindfullness: Learning to Stay in the Moment and Stay Balanced

Mindfulness helps you develop skills to minimize the worry and tension resulting from stress. The goal of mindfulness is to achieve overall wellbeing that leads to balance, stability, and ongoing joy in life. This workshop teaches skills to find your personal strategy for restoring your inner balance. The process helps you release old negative patterns of behavior and replace them with new perspectives.

Anxiety or Depression

Two Workshops on Recovery

If you are living with anxiety or depression you know how difficult life can be! Both anxiety and depression drain you of the ability to cope effectively with personal and work related experiences. Stated simply, anxiety is an internal state of apprehension and uneasiness and depression is an internal state of hopelessness and helplessness. Either state prevents you from living life to the fullest. The impact of your anxiety or depression is felt not only by you but by all those in your life experience. These workshops, one focusing on anxiety and one focusing on depression, help you understand the dynamics of the problems and what you can do to successfully deal with them.


Roundtable Discussion Groups are issue focused ongoing group experiences that increase participants’ knowledge about the specific issue and provide a forum for discussion and support. Roundtables usually include 6-10 participants and are led by a NOVO professional who has specific expertise on the subject. All individuals participating in a Roundtable are experiencing and trying to cope with the topic.

Parenting Children With Special Needs

Discuss the unique challenges with parenting special needs children. Learn more about how you can create a positive collaboration with the school and other providers. Brainstorm about how to support your child in social settings and other situations that have proved challenging in the past. Make this group what you want it to be by bringing pertinent issues to the table.

Using Logic In Parenting

Learn how to provide loving support while helping your children be well-prepared for life. Learn how letting kids make mistakes will help shape them into more responsible young adults, as well as develop valuable coping skills. Holding your children accountable and being consistent as parents are strategies that can be helpful in being a "logical parent."

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