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NOVO (Latin for "Begin Anew") helps to empower you with positive change.

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What's New at NOVO

Novo is actively seeking neuroscience informed therapists to join our team in our Saint Charles, IL and Hartland, WI. If you are ready to take control of your career by building a private practice, Novo is ready to help.

As of June 12, 2017, the Sycamore office is located at:

1815 Mediterranean Dr.
Sycamore, IL 60178

Novo would like to welcome Jessica Rojas MA who will be working out of our Sycamore office.  She specializes in working with children and families.

Dr. Amen's supplements are now available at our offices.  

We are now a month into the new year and exciting things are happening here at Novo.  We continue to expand our neurofeedback services at all three locations.  We are affiliated with the Amen clinics and now include a link on our Friends of Novo page to take you to his supplement store.  Quality is very important with supplements and he provides some of the best.  We are now offering QEEGs ( a form of brain imaging) as part of our treatment protocols.

We would like to welcome Alyson Krahl to our staff in Saint Charles and Sycamore.  She brings her experience with substance abuse and eating disorders to expand our service offerings.

Dr. Amen supplements are now available through our website, along with a large selection of recommended books.

"For years I sought the help of different therapists to gain control of my emotional distress. I tried various medications. Only Novo's combination of brain training and therapy gave me the sensation that I was firmly in the driver's seat of my own recovery. That I was in control of my mind and not the other way around. I recommend them to anyone suffering emotional distress. With Novo's help I've learned to have faith once more in that beautiful ideal: we have the power to change ourselves into that person we always wanted to be."


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