Tis The Season...

Happy Holidays!


The holiday season is upon us with all the glitz, glitter, parties and get togethers. For most people this is one of their favorite holidays but for some it is a time of very high stress and anxiety. I, unfortunately, am one of those people and although it has gotten better as I’ve gotten older it still produces a bit of anxiety for me. So, I figured I would pass on a few things I have found that help to reduce the stress and anxiety in hopes it can help you guys too.

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Book Review by Alyson Krahl LPC


The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are


I have heard great things about Brené Brown and was interested in reading one of her works. She did not disappoint....

A Kind Word Goes A Long Way

"People will not remember you for what you do, people will not remember you for what you say. People will remember you for how you make them feel."  ~~~ Maya Angelou

This has been my all time favorite quote. I truly believe this and have done my best to live these words every day. I make sure to say hi to people I pass on the sidewalk whenever possible and I do my best to practice random acts of kindness. I hold doors for the people behind me and I always say please and thank you. I also make sure to say bless you when someone around me sneezes. It often doesn't take much to m...

Healing Your Brain with Music

I’ve read the research and I’ve been practicing for years now but still I am amazed when I see just how profound the effect of music is on the brain. During neurotherapy sessions I frequently play music for the clients to speed along the healing process. In this blog I’m going to discuss how music can help improve mood and functioning.

A lot of research has been done on music and how it effects the brain. My earliest personal memory of experience with using music for healing is from when I was an undergrad psychology major...

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