Pain Information Sheet

What is Pain?

Pain is a subjective feeling that can be influenced by sensory, affective, and cognitive factors. Chronic pain can have a widespread impact on overall brain function. Both cognitive and psychological factors play key roles in ...

What is Success?

This is a reprint from February 15, 2015 but I felt it was worth repeating....

For many of us the principles of success are elusive. We spend much of our time and effort chasing and creating a successful life. How do we know when we become successful? Is it wrapped up in a feeling, a knowing? What is it and how will we know it? 

Success is not the same for everyone. It is defined by each individual's unique personality. We often forget this as we are bombarded by today's distractions and allurements. Our attention is riveted to the successes imprinted on our mind's eye o...

Tis The Season...

Happy Holidays!


The holiday season is upon us with all the glitz, glitter, parties and get togethers. For most people this is one of their favorite holidays but for some it is a time of very high stress and anxiety. I, unfortunately, am one of those people and although it has gotten better as I’ve gotten older it still produces a bit of anxiety for me. So, I figured I would pass on a few things I have found that help to reduce the stress and anxiety in hopes it can help you guys too.

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Book Review by Alyson Krahl LPC


The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are


I have heard great things about Brené Brown and was interested in reading one of her works. She did not disappoint....

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