The Peace Spring Storms Can Bring

“It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.” - Frederick Douglass

According to the calendar it is just a few days until it is officially Spring- a most welcome time of year. One of the hallmarks of Spring is it’s storms. In nature, all is interconnected and those spring storms therefore must serve a purpose. They are sometimes quite scary. They are sometimes quite destructive. But a scary and destructive storm clears the way for new growth. The Oak tree’s roots gro...

Empathy: What is it and how we get it?

Empathy is a hot topic right now.  At least two new books are devoted to empathy.  Many articles have recently been written about it. Radio talk shows have discussed empathy with authors who have studied and worked with identifying and defining it and callers who often weigh in on the subject.

On-line dictionary definitions of empathy state it is the ability to understand and share the emotional feeling of another.  Another states it is shared experiences, values, ethics and beliefs. ...

Parenting (a most natural state of near constant anxiety)

In a previous blog I discussed the differences between stress and eustress and how they contribute to anxiety disorders. You can read that blog entry here: . Today’s blog topic is a discussion about parenting. Which means it’s about stress and anxiety again.

I never had problems with anxiety until I had my children. I could handle pretty much anything life threw at me (and life threw A LOT at me) with relative ease. There wasn’t much a yoga class and some meditation couldn’t cover. But then came the cherubs and all hell broke loose...

That Darn Straw

Stress. Everyone has it. Everyone feels it. Everyone needs it.

You were with me until that last sentence right? Don’t worry. I’ll explain.

Let’s begin at, well the beginning. Every living animal on this planet experiences anxiety. Someone actually won a Nobel Prize for giving sea snails an anxiety disorder. His name was Dr. Eric Kandel, M.D. and he proved he could cause sea snails to have anxiety to the point that they would stop eating. You can find out more about his work here if you feel so inclined. (

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